Contenu Web agency joins the Primelis group and becomes Haskn

Lucas Perrosé . November 8, 2020

Since December 2019, Primelis and Contenu Web agencies are now part of the same group.

Contenu Web joins the Primelis group

Primelis, a leading SEO, SEA and Social Ads agency, strengthens its areas of expertise by partnering with Contenu Web, a major player in content marketing in France.

This merger allows the two agencies to create new synergies and amplify the performance of the various strategies carried out on behalf of their clients. In addition to consulting and management, the group is now able to directly integrate the production of content to feed the SEO, SEA and Social Ads strategies of its clients.

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Contenu Web becomes Haskn

The Contenu Web agency is taking advantage of this merger to reposition and recast its brand identity by becoming Haskn. Historically positioned solely on the production of editorial content, the agency now wishes to offer a more global service by managing and animating the content strategies of their clients. This also allows Haskn to align itself with Primelis’ positioning in order to make its offers more coherent.

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